Machine Vision

Industrial inspection and more

The industry’s most innovative and extensive product line.

Teledyne Imaging designs, engineers, and manufactures digital imaging components, software, and sub-systems serving a global marketplace, across dozens of business segments, and hundreds of applications. Our imaging technology begins with the visible spectrum, and extends far beyond it, from deep infrared through extreme UV and all the way to X-ray frequencies. Our products define the top end of performance in the world’s most demanding digital imaging applications.


Our product brands have earned their reputation as high performance benchmarks in industrial and scientific imaging through thousands of designs deployed around the world. Speed, resolution, and sensitivity are our hallmarks, as is our ability to provide superior solutions from cost-conscious standard products all the way to fully custom designs to meet our customers’ most extreme needs.

Visible Image Sensors


Frame Grabbers

Infrared Sensors

Video Software

Smart Cameras and Vision Systems

Industrial X-Ray Detectors & Generators


Factory Automation, Quality Inspection, Identification & Logistics

Electronics & semiconductor inspection, food & beverage, transportation, and many more

Nondestructive testing, security, process monitoring